3M QUESTemp 46 Area Heat Stress Monitor with Waterless Wet Bulb for General Service Use

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Heat stress prevention starts with accurately measuring and analyzing heat stress in the workplace. QUESTempᄚ area heat stress monitors provide safety professionals with the durable, easy-to-use instruments needed to measure and analyze heat stress related exposure levels. 3M QUESTemp 46 area heat stress monitors simplify heat stress management efforts by providing you real-time guidance on stay times and work/rest regimens with a newly engineered waterless wet bulb sensor.
  • Waterless wet bulb system
  • Measure and calculate dry bulb, wet bulb, and globe temperature, WBGT indoor/outdoor, relative humidity and heat index/humidex
  • Ideal for athletic training, military training, warehousing, occupational heat stress management, and risk analysis investigations
  • Real-time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping
  • Stay time measurement per ACHIH TLV Handbook, US Navy PHEL charts, US Marine Flag system, and EPRI action limits
  • Includes 3M Detection Management Software (DMS) for data management and analysis
More Information
Manufacturer 3M
Kit Contents

QUESTemp 46 unit with 2" style globe sensor, sensor bar with black globe thermometer, relative humidity sensor, dry bulb thermometer; verification module, 9V battery, PC serial interface cable, USB to RS-232/DB-9 adapter with CD driver and instructions, 3M Detection Management Software CD, calibration certificate, manual, and carrying case.

Shipping Dimensions (LxWxD) 18x16x8
Weight (lbs) 17.0000
Measuring Range Relative Humidity 20 - 95% non-condensing
Sensor Types Dry bulb , Waterless Wet bulb , Globe , rH
Power Replaceable 9V Alkaline Battery

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