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  • Respirator / Mask Fit Testing - RAECO Rents offers access to high-quality quantitative fit testing systems, training, and supporting documentation for performing your own fit testing. RAECO Rents has the necessary equipment to help you with fit testing requirements.
  • Sound Level & Noise Monitoring - RAECO Rents offers both sound level meters and noise dosimeters to facilitate a wide range of sound and noise monitoring. Sound level meters are used for area measurement, giving you the ability to map out sound levels in different areas of a workplace. Noise dosimeters provide personal exposure data, establishing how much noise a worker encounters throughout a workday. Together, these measurements can be used to establish the need for personal hearing protection equipment or an allowable amount of time a worker can be in a given area.
  • Gas Detection & Monitoring - RAECO Rents offers a wide variety of portable and personal systems.  This includes wearable detectors for toxic gases, volatile organic compounds, combustibles, and oxygen deficiency.  As well as handheld units for specialized applications like mercury vapor monitoring or leak detection for ozone, refrigerants, or combustible gases. Calibration gas is also available from RAECO Rents.
  • Particulate Monitoring - RAECO Rents offers numerous types of particulate monitoring equipment. Dust monitors measure the amount and size of fine solids or liquid particles suspended in the air. Personal aerosol monitors measure a worker's exposure to respirable particles. Benchtop and handheld monitors can be used to take real-time measurements of aerosols like dust, smoke, pesticides, or other pollutants over a given area in a plant or workplace. RAECO Rents also provides outdoor dust monitoring kits for community air monitoring plans (CAMP).
  • Heat Stress Monitoring - RAECO Rents offers TSI QuestTemp heat stress monitors, which measure and record ambient air temperature, humidity, airflow, and radiant heat from sources like the sun, furnaces, ovens, and boilers. They're designed to provide the data to monitor workplace heat exposures, so workers can act based on their readings. They quickly help calculate the amount of time a worker can be exposed to extreme temperatures. Our wide range of equipment helps test for popular screening criteria like OSHA’s ACHIH TLV Handbook, US Navy PHEL charts, US Marine Flag System, and EPRI action limits.

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" I cannot tell you how glad I am that we had that conversation in 2016(?) where you asked me to "give RAECO a shot". One of the best professional decisions I ever made." Global EHS Manager

"Thank you for your willingness to address my concerns about the effective sampling time of your Sensidyne Gilian GilAir Plus air flow sampling pumps by sending me two models on which to perform tests. Our potential client runs 24-hour operations, using two 12-hour shifts, and I needed assurance that any sampling pump employed can operate for at least 12 hours on a single battery charge. Based on my test results, I am confident that the GilAir Plus pumps can be effectively used to support air sampling for 12-hour work shifts. Thank you again for your outstanding customer support. I look forward to working with RAECO Rents again in the future." - Christine B., CIH/CSP

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