Build Your RAECO Rents Perimeter Dust Monitoring Kit


We've simplified the process of renting perimeter environmental air quality and dust monitoring systems, by pre-configuring a kit that includes all the parts you need: a dust particulate monitor, power supply, wireless data radio, weather-safe enclosure, tripod, and a weather station. With a short training and setup call, you'll be able to install the equipment in the field, and start accessing real-time data over a secure web portal from your web browser (either on a PC or your mobile device).

To build your perimeter monitoring system, fill out the downloadable worksheet in the Documentation section. Tell us about your applications, and we'll send you a quote for the exact system you need.

Basic Kit Includes: TSI DustTrak 8530, TSI 8535 outdoor enclosure, and battery.

Need a DustTrak DRX model instead? We can easily swap out the dust monitor to give you the additional functionality. Or, you can include:

  • Netronix Thiamis 1000 IoT for datalogging and remote communications. Free one-month telemetry service and cloud-based data access with your first perimeter monitoring kit rental ($250 value)
  • Honeywell RAE Systems or Ametek Arizona Instruments Jerome ambient toxic gas or combustible gas monitors
  • 3M SoundPro DL datalogging area sound level meter (Specify Type 1 or Type 2)
  • Instantel Micromate vibration monitor
  • Davis or Lufft weather stations to help manage dust control activities
  • GoalZero solar panel kit for long-term installations where power isn't readily available
  • TSI DustTrak II 8530 measures aerosol particulate concentrations to PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0 or respirable size fraction
  • Lufft WS600 weather station measures wind speed and direction, air temperature and pressure, humidity plus precipitation type, intensity, and quantity
  • Netronix Thiamis combines control, datalogging, GPS, and GSM modem communications. Sends measurement data from each monitoring kit to our secure data center
  • TSI 8535 DustTrak environmental enclosure houses the measurement devices, power supplies, and data management hardware
  • Includes secure access to Environet, for viewing data and creating reports using your PC or mobile device and a web browser.
  • Need to measure VOCs, add a RAE Systems MiniRAE 3000 PID to the kit
  • Measuring area noise as well? Add a 3M SoundPro DL to the kit, or rent an outdoor noise monitoring kit in its own enclosure.
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SKU Rents-PM
Manufacturer Raeco Rents
Kit Contents

Kit can include TSI DustTrak 8530, RAE MiniRAE 3000, 3M SoundPro DL, Netronix Thiamis, TSI 8535, as needed.

Weight (lbs) 50.000000
Power Rechargeable battery

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