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September 19, 2013 967 Views

This is probably isn't a shock to you, but the air we breathe is not the greatest. The EPA believes the indoor air we breathe in the workplace is one of the top five environmental hazards to our health.

Decreasing the amount of these indoor air hazards in your building is important for the health of your employees. Heavy exposure can cause long term health problems like asthma, allergies, carbon monoxide poisoning, and certain cancers.

In places that are not well ventilated, it is essential that you monitor the indoor air quality. Doing so will help you identify any causes for concern such as, a rise in carbon dioxide levels. It is very important that your building is well ventilated, especially if there is smoking, painting or the use of home improvement products, household cleaning products, asbestos, heating/cooling systems, and high humidity levels.

Monitoring your indoor environment is crucial for your health. Even though you feel you are safe because you have the windows opened, that may not be sufficient. Using an indoor air quality monitor, you can help fine-tune your ventilation systems, to know when to turn on exhaust fans or increase airflow from the outdoors, without constantly switching systems on and off or needlessly wasting energy with always-on ventilation schemes.

RAECO Rents has several portable digital indoor air quality monitors available to meet your needs. The meters monitor and log the CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, dewpoint, percent outside air, and wet bulb temperature levels. This information can be used for ongoing site monitoring or for detecting specific problem areas in your environment.

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