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April 10, 2014 862 Views

During our follow-up calls with rental customers, we learn a lot about what's happening in their businesses. Our consultant customers are always looking to be great at what they do, to deliver what their customers need. And sometimes, when they're not looking, new opportunities fall into their laps.

Our goal as their rental service partner, is to make sure they're ready for whatever comes their way: helping them to say "Yes" when they're asked by their customers for services outside their normal scope of work.

Here are a couple examples:

A consultant doing audiometric testing is asked to do an OSHA walkaround noise survey and  workshift sampling with personal noise dosimeters. Why not? It makes sense. First, to check worker hearing levels, and then to help ensure that the worker's hearing is protected during the work day, by doing the area surveys and personal sampling.

Because the consultant was already onsite to do test worker hearing, the customer asked if he was able to do respirator mask fit testing, too, to help complete the employee's safety screening. Check hearing? Check respiratory equipment? What else might they need to get all their testing done at once?

We understand that you may be unsure of where to start, other than being tired of referring business opportunities (and income) away to someone else. That's part of why we make such an effort to provide training resources and documentation on the instruments we rent.  Our online tutorial videos are available at no charge, ready to watch 24/7, whenever you need them, from any computer or mobile device.

It includes:

  • More than three hours of video training on TSI PortaCount respirator fit testers
  • A series on DustTrak aerosol particle monitors
  • Training on using TSI VelociCalc ventilation test meters for air velocity
  • An interactive training tool for human vibration meters
  • Plus several tip sheets on downloading test data from noise dosimeters, gas detectors, VOC meters, and more

If you decide to rent, the Training Center is a great resource. But if you feel like you need more time, let us know. We can schedule an extra day (at no charge), so you have time to become familiar with the instrument before you start testing.

You've worked hard to establish business partnerships and provide great service to your clients. Why not reap the further benefits? You've earned it!

And when you're ready to expand your business offering, contact RAECO Rents. We're here to help.