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June 11, 2014 1125 Views

Last week, the RAECO Rents team headed to San Antonio for the AIHce conference and expo. It was a great show!

During conference breaks, we were happy to be busy meeting attendees, including several of our current customers. And we learned a lot from the people who stopped by our booth.

Here were some of the highlights we took away from the Expo:

  • Many of our customers travel and work from hotels, so rental returns are a pain. We can make it easy for you. When you book your rental, ask us to schedule a UPS Call Tag. Then, leave the package at your hotel front desk, and we'll arrange for UPS to pick it up there and ship back to our facility.
  • You don’t like paying for rental instruments while they’re in transit. Unlike some other rental companies, we never make you pay for “portal to portal”. You can’t use the equipment when it’s on a UPS truck. Why should you pay for transit time? When you do business with RAECO Rents, you only pay for the days when you have the instrument in hand.
  • Some of our visitors suffer from Instrumentation Buyer’s Remorse. They’ve purchased a measurement instrument. But after one use or a few, it sits on a shelf gathering dust. When it does need to be used, it’s a scramble to find parts and accessories, make sure the unit works, and verify that its calibration is current. If you have this problem, call me and ask about our new Consign-Rent service. We’ll keep your instrument maintained and calibrated, and rent it out or sell it on your behalf.
  • Some booth visitors rent elsewhere, even if they’re not happy with the service, because RAECO Rents doesn’t have the instrument they need. Please call RAECO Rents anyway. Even if the device you need isn’t on our website, I’ll do my best to source it for you. That way, you get the instruments you want AND the no-hassles service you deserve.
  • Just because you have your own equipment, you may still need a good rental service. What do you do when your instruments are at the factory for calibration? Or if you have a job bigger than your equipment inventory can support? We're happy to help fill in the gaps, either by providing a replacement for your equipment while it's being serviced, or by supplementing your existing inventory with spares to cover the big projects.

Learn more about our hassle-free policies, Instant On Guarantee, and industry-leading measurement and detection products at www.RaecoRents.com