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May 8, 2016 1604 Views

It’s that time of year again: construction season!  Which means perimeter monitoring has again become necessary to measure worker exposures to noise, dust, gas emissions, and provide documentation that you've implemented procedures to keep the surrounding community safe from these issues.

RAECO Rents perimeter monitoring kits include several pieces of equipment, packaged together for your particular measurement tasks. But before they're used in the field, you'll still need to connect the components together.

Learn how to set up your perimeter monitoring kit with our video. Our Raeco Rents specialist, David, demonstrates connecting a TSI DustTrak Aerosol Monitor, auto zero module, batteries, and remote communications inside the TSI 8535 outdoor enclosure.  Systems can also include VOC monitors, vibration monitors, or area sound level meters.

A perimeter monitoring kit can be used in a variety of monitoring applications including: fugitive emissions, site perimeter monitoring, fenceline monitoring, dust control operations, brownfields cleanup and revitalization efforts, area dust monitoring, construction or demolition air quality monitoring, remediation, tracking worker exposure levels, community air monitoring programs, industrial frac sand mining, and environmental research studies.

Want to learn more?

Are you following OSHA’s new guidelines on crystalline silica dust? We’ve assembled everything you need to know: The OSHA fact sheet for construction, the ruling as it applies to the construction industry, the method for sample analysis and medical surveillance guidelines. Why wade through 600+ pages when you can get what you need all in one place?

Emerging technologies are making effective air quality monitoring accurate, repeatable, and cost-effective. Learn about sensor selection, calibration, data quality considerations, and other performance standards by downloading the free EPA Air Sensor Guidebook.

Get your free EPA and OSHA guidebooks at RaecoRents.com!

Learn more about Perimeter Monitoring Systems at RaecoRents.com.


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