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December 2, 2014 963 Views

The Ebola virus hasn't been in the news as much lately as is was a month ago, but the lessons continue.  The first is that the virus itself isn't the only harm concern. It's also important to protect workers from the sometimes harsh chemicals used for cleaning and disinfection.

And while most US workers are unlikely to encounter the virus or individuals with Ebola, there is still concern for workers with jobs involving healthcare, airline or other transportation operations, cleaning and environmental services, law enforcement and first responders, as they could be at a higher risk for exposure.

Just before Thanksgiving, OSHA released a new selection matrix for personal protective equipment (PPE). It breaks down the different types of protective gear, from clothing and gloves to masks, respirators, and full-body suits, and maps them against the levels of exposure, from normal work activities to medical care, lab work, cleaning, maintenance, and waste disposal.

This free matrix can help employers establish their guidelines for proper PPE use in common exposure scenarios. Download this OSHA Fact Sheet or learn more at OSHA's Ebola information page.

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