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March 19, 2013 711 Views

More and more these days, state governments are requiring continuous monitoring of environmental dust emissions during construction, demolition, and extraction projects. The latest round of regulations are targeted at the extraction and use of silica hydraulic fracturing sand, because of the silica dust released into the air around fracking sites.

They think it should be easy to solve and easy to control. And they just want you to make the dust emissions problem go away.  The good news is that we’ve found a solution that is both easy AND affordable.

In order to assist customers with compliance to these new regulations, we’ve put together a perimeter monitoring kit to help notify you when levels are exceeding acceptable limits, and to help you produce the required documentation for regulatory reporting.

The RAECO Rents perimeter monitoring system includes a dust particulate monitor, power supply, wireless data radio, weather-safe enclosure, tripod, and a weather station. It has all the parts you need for your environmental air quality and dust monitoring projects. Our self-contained perimeter dust monitor comes with a cellular link and a web page that lets you monitor your complete site from a cell phone or computer.  If the site goes out of compliance, the system can record the alarms, and automatically send text messages to your operators to hose down the area.

No need to waste time and money doing unnecessary and time-consuming tasks just to keep your neighbors and the DNR off your back.

After a short training and setup call with our team, you'll be able to install the equipment in the field, and start accessing real-time data through a secure web portal using your choice of browser (either on a PC or your mobile device).

To build your perimeter monitoring system, order a single weather-station kit and as many basic kits as you need to get full coverage of your environment's perimeter.

What's Included in the Kit?

  • TSI DustTrak II 8530 measures aerosol particulate concentrations to PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0 or respirable size fraction
  • Lufft WS600 weather station measures wind speed and direction, air temperature and pressure, humidity plus precipitation type, intensity, and quantity
  • Netronix Thiamis ICU-820 combines control, datalogging, GPS, and GSM cellular modem communications. Sends measurement data from each monitoring kit to a secure data center
  • TSI 8535 DustTrak environmental enclosure houses the measurement devices, power supplies, and data management hardware
  • Includes secure access to Environet, for viewing data and creating reports using your PC or mobile device and a web browser
  • Need to measure VOCs, noise or some other environmental pollutant? Call for pricing on a custom kit.