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March 12, 2012 699 Views

A friend of mine heads up a Community Emergency Response Team just outside of Washington, DC. Last time I talked to him, I asked him what they do for respirator mask fit testing. He told me that in his 30+ years in emergency medicine, he'd only been fit tested a couple times, using a qualitative method with saccharine. As I think back to my years in emergency response, and my time working in a hospital emergency room, it doesn't surprise me too much. Back then, I wasn't even tested with a hood. It's probably because there were fewer regulations about fit testing. But knowing what I know now, it bothers me that our emergency response teams aren't better protected.

Last September, on its tenth anniversary, we remembered the events of 9/11, and the profound impact the day's events had on our nation, its people, and even our industry's safety regulations. In recent years, widespread flu epidemics brought to light the importance of testing the fit of disposable masks. OSHA, NFPA, and the CDC have recommended using the more precise and accurate quantitative fit test method, to ensure that the masks your teams wear are providing the best protection. Renting a TSI PortaCount Pro series is an inexpensive way for you to protect your team and meet safety requirements.
Be safe, Matt

TSI Quantitative Fit Testing for Reliability and Safety

TSI PortaCount Pro and Pro+ series are the next generation of the industry standard TSI PortaCount Plus 8020 and 8028 quantitative fit testing systems. PortaCount Pro 8030 is for tight-fitting half and full size SCBA mask respirators. The PortaCount Pro+ 8038 adds the ability to test N95 disposable masks. When compared to standard qualitative fit testing technology ...TSI PortaCount

  • PortaCounts provide quantitative results. To ensure staff safety, why not use the most accurate testing method?
  • Anyone can administer a PortaCount test by following the video screen. No specialist required. PortaCount guides you step by step through each test.
  • The person tested cannot influence the test results. No more “seems to fit” or “I think I can taste the saccharin.”
  • You can keep results electronically or print reports and ID cards. If you have ever spent time looking for a report, you’ll appreciate the availability of easy access to test data.
  • By renting. you save in yearly calibrations and maintenance costs. With strict OSHA regulation on fit testing, it’s critical to have equipment that’s properly calibrated.
  • We rent the most common mask adapters and can order others. “Oh no, we don’t have the right adapter!”

RAECO also rents personal gas detection monitors, to alert your team to dangerous levels of CO, CO2, oxygen deficiency, and combustible gases.