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November 7, 2012 890 Views

N95 respirator fit testing is required by OSHA on an annual basis for healthcare workers. Plus, it's a significant way to prevent your medical and support staff from exposure to airborne diseases. But fit testing comes with its own share of problems... Which of these headaches have you encountered?

  1. We got a PASS result on the fit test, but does the respirator really fit? A poor fitting mask won't stop infection.
  2. How do I test people that have no sense of smell or taste? If they're not sensitive to the testing agents we use, how do we complete the test?
  3. How do I know the staff members are responding truly or just giving me the expected answers to pass the test?  (Don't they realize they're putting themselves at risk?)
  4. With sensitivity tests, comfort tests, and the seven-minute fit test, the process takes a long time. Isn't there a faster way?
  5. We waste a lot of time doing hand-written documentation, and with OSHA requirements, that's not a place I can cut corners. I wish we could automate it.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, there's a faster, easier way to accomplish your goals.

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