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In this guide, you'll learn how to set up the testing database on your Portacount, run a fit test, and download the test data to a PC for record-keeping and compliance.

**IMPORTANT** Plug flash drive into port on instrument before starting TSI Portcount Respirator

  1. Select “database” tab at bottom of screen
  2. Select “people”
  3. Select “new”
  4. Enter name and ID# and press “save” to add to list


  1. Select “database” tab at bottom of screen
  2. Select “respirators”
  3. Select “new”
  4. Enter manufacturer, model, style and pass value and press “save” to add to list

Typical pass values – Full Face: 500   Half Face: 100   N95: 100
Protocols and exercises

  1. Select “database” tab at bottom of screenTSI Portcount Respirator Fitting
  2. Select “protocols”   Most people use OSHA
  3. Select “new” (if not using OSHA)
  4. Name the protocol and set the parameters
  5. Touch screen under where it says “exercise name” to add an exercise to the selected protocol
  6. Select “save” to add to list

Perform Fit Test

Daily Check

  1. From main screen select “Daily Check”
  2. Attach twin tube assembly to appropriate inlets
  3. Insert alcohol cartridge
  4. If doing N95 testing on 8038 model, check the box that says “N95 enabled”, for Full and Half Face uncheck.
  5. ***Do not enable valve check this is for factory technicians***
  6. Press “Start” and follow prompts that appear on screen

Failed daily check?

  1. Check to see that the alcohol is clear (not cloudy) and that the alcohol cartridge is filled to the “fill line”
  2. Swap the alcohol wick, also replace alcohol using one small bottle to fill jar. Pop spray nozzle to pour out.
  3. Swap zero filters
  4. Check and swap mesh filters under sample inlets

Start new daily check – if daily check fails again call RAECO Rents at (866)736-8347 for assistance. Do you need a particle generator? Call us!
Fit Test

  1. Select “fit test” from main screen
  2. Select the person being tested from the dropdown menu at top of screen (if no people appear go to step 1a)
  3. Select the respirator being tested from the dropdown menu at top of screen (if no respirators appear go to step 1b)
  4. Select the protocol you wish to use in the test from the drop down menu at top of screen (if protocol(s) don’t appear go to step 1c)
  5. Make sure person being tested wears mask for at least 5 minutes prior to testing as trapped particles inside the respirator will skew the test results Person also must not smoke for 30 minutes prior to test
  6. Connect twin tube assembly to the inlets on the instrument and attach the other end of the (clear) sample tube to the respirator If using a disposable respirator, tubing can be connected using the supplied probes (PortaCount model 8038 only) *if not applicable go to step 7*
      • Remove probes, nuts and probe assembly tools from accessory pouch
      • Place one probe on the piercing side of the assembly tool and place a nut on the opening of the other side of the tool
      • Using the piercing tool, push the sampling probe, from the inside, through the breathing zone of the respirator
      • With the probe pushed through use the other part of the assembly tool to attach the nut to the probe from the outside of the respirator
      • Attach tubing to the probe to test respirator (see page 18 of Operation and Service manual for images and a more descriptive explanation of where the breathing zone is on specific respirators)
    1. Press “Start” to begin fit test
    2. Instrument will prompt the person being tested to do deep breathing, normal breathing and other various exercises
    3. Portacount will display the test results – if test failed adjust mask, check tubing and connection to the respirator and then restart fit test

    Data Download

    Install Software

    1. Installation requires that software is installed on a computer running Windows XP, Vista, or 7Software
    2. Insert disc in drive and follow installation instructions
    3. After installation, open the application

    Download Data
    To get FitPro Format Report

    1. Plug flash drive from Portacount into the computer
    2. In the software interface, click the “Database” drop down menu and select the “Flash Drive Database Exchange” option
    3. Click “Browse” under the import (left) side of the interface and open the database file on the flash drive
    4. Click “Import Database from Flash Drive” to download
    5. After import go back to the main screen
    6. Click the “Report” drop down menu and click “Select Report” to choose the report you want
    7. Click “View Report” to  see the report before printing

    To get Excel Format Report

    1. Plug Flash Drive into the computer
    2. To create a report in Microsoft Excel click the “database” drop down menu in the software interface
    3. Hover mouse over “Export” and click “excel format”
    4. Select the database file you want to export and choose a destination for the exported file – saving to desktop makes file easy to find*
    5. Locate and open the exported file to view