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March 9, 2016 1047 Views

Saving money is a key objective in many of our customers' minds.

But sometimes, a saving in one area can lead to issues elsewhere.

Case in point:  A large machine shop had learned they could save 70% to 75% costs by switching from their existing metalworking fluid to a newer cutting oil. The change also promised to increase the working life of their machine tools.

After a short time, however, the operators noticed that their new cutting oil was generating a significant amount of fugitive smoke and mist inside the shop.

The shop has electrostatic cleaners and several A/C duct returns. And there's a filter on the cutting machines called a mist collector (Filtermist is a popular brand).

So, to cut down emissions, why not change their mist collector on a regular schedule, like you would with a home furnace filter?

"There are too many variables," the customer explains. "Other misting chemicals are in play, depending on the job. And the use of these machines is inconsistent. We're on a project-driven basis."

The solution: The customer uses a portable aerosol monitor in the shop as a sniffer. This device helps them determine exactly when to replace their clogged mist collector. It takes the guess-work out of the equation, and helps keep the operations run smoothly, without having to resort back to the more expensive cutting oil.

Learn more about portable aerosol monitors.


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