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Gasmet's DX4040 FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) gas analyzer can detect 25 different gases simultaneously with results in just 25 seconds. The DX4040 has a library of measurable gases that can be changed easily through the systems interface. It can also be used for VOCs, TICs, waste anesthetic gases and unknowns. The DX4040 detects sub-ppm limits without the use of sorbent traps for sample pre-concentration. It can be calibrated with clean air or nitrogen; it does not need any carrier gases, special test gases or any other consumables. The Gasmet DX4040 has a GICCOR interferometer that is shock and vibration resistant. The handheld computer is IP67 classified, with a large clear display, integrated GPS and digital camera for documenting measurement sites. The DX4040 also has wireless connectivity with WLAN and 3G network adapters. This product is typically used in industrial hygiene areas and in emergency response situations.

  • Measure 25 gases simultaneously
  • 200 gas library for identification and accurate analysis of gases in part-per-million concentrations
  • Response time is typically under 120 seconds, depending on the gas flow and measurement time
  • RS-232 serial or wireless Bluetooth communication between the analyzer and a handheld computer running Calcmet Lite software
  • Both battery and 230 VAC powered, with 2.5 hour battery life
  • If technician is required, hourly service rates will apply - call for details
More Information
Manufacturer Gasmet
Kit Contents

Gas analyzer, analyzer fan filter, samply probe kit with Tygon tube and connectors, serial cable with serial-to-USB converter, carrying kit (harness, adjustable shoulder strap, PDA carrying case, battery carrying case, and four straps), power adapter, external battery charger kit with USB cable, HASP Pro USB key, handheld Nautix x7 PDA, Gasmet DVD-ROM, and hard transport case.

Gas Sensor Type Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
Power battery and 230 VAC powered, with 2.5 hour battery life
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxD) 36x20x15
Weight (lbs) 78.000000

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