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RAECO Rents is a leading supplier of particle counters, monitors, and meters. We offer a wide selection of particle counters and carry testing equipment from the most recognized manufacturer in the industry, TSI.

All our rentals are backed by our Instant-On Guarantee and come with calibration certificates and free online video training and manuals. If you have questions on the best particle counter for your project, just ask us and one of our factory-trained technical staff will be happy to help you.

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What is a particle counter?

A particle counter is a device that measures and counts the number of various sized particles in the air to monitor contamination in cleanroom environments and indoor air quality.


What is a particle counter used for?

Particle counters are used in cleanrooms in order to ensure the cleanroom can stay in proper working function and ISO standards are being met.


What do particle counters count?

Particle counters detect and count particles as small as 0.3 microns up to 10 microns.


What is a particle counter for cleanroom?

Cleanroom personnel can use particle counters to measure the cleanliness of the room and identify potential sources of particle contamination. In addition to keeping cleanrooms safe, particle counters reduce downtime and ensure compliance.


How do particle counters work?

Particle counters use a light scattering or light blocking technique. When the light is passed through the air sample, particles are redirected or absorbed.


What is the difference between viable and non-viable particles?

A viable particle contains one or more living microorganisms while a nonviable particle does not contain a living microorganism.


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