TSI PortaCount Kit Rentals

RAECO Rents is a leading supplier of TSI PortaCount kits, offering access to TSI PortaCount fit testing systems, training, and supporting documentation for performing your own fit testing. 

The TSI PortaCount Pro 8030 is OSHA and NFPA accepted for tight-fitting full-face and half-face respirators. However, only the TSI PortaCount Pro+ 8038 is approved for testing N95 disposable masks (plus P1 and P2). So, if you’re testing N95 masks for hospital use, the TSI 8038 is the model you need. 

The TSI PortaCount 8040 and TSI Portacount 8048 quantitative respirator fit testing systems are also OSHA compliant for all tight-fitting respirators, including series 99, 100, and FFP3 filtering facepiece respirators. The team at RAECO Rents is ready and willing to support you in using whichever model you choose. Plus, we offer free video training on all of our TSI models.

Mask adapter kits for PortaCount fit testing include the appropriate adapter to connect the mask to the PortaCount fit test machine. The respirator fit test kit also includes P100 filters, additional tubing, a tube cutter, suction cups, and clips to test 25 individuals. We also sell packs of 25 of the consumables to test additional people.

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How does the TSI PortaCount work?

The TSI PortaCount is used to provide a quantitative assessment of face seal leakage by counting ambient particles during fit testing.

How long does a PortaCount test take?

The PortaCount was approved by OSHA for the Fast Fit Protocol which is about 2.5 minutes, but you can still do the full-length test at 8 minutes.

Do you need to be certified to do a fit test with TSI PortaCounts?

OSHA doesn't require certification to perform fit tests.

Are adapters included in the TSI PortaCount kits?

Yes, the TSI PortaCount kits include the appropriate adapter to connect the mask to the fit test machine.

How much does a TSI PortaCount rental cost?

The cost of TSI PortaCount rental will depend on the system needed. At RAECO Rents, TSI PortaCount kit rentals start as low as $210 per day. Rent TSI PortaCounts directly on our website or contact us today for additional help!

Know what you need or have a question about TSI PortaCount kits? We’ve got you covered.

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