Rents is a leading supplier of  HUD accepted XRF analyzers, offering XRF analyzers for lead-based paint, RCRA, and alloys as well as XRF analyzers for lead-based paint only. At RAECO Rents, we only carry XRF analyzers from the most recognized manufacturer in the industry, SciAps.

The SciAps X-550 is a revolutionary and non-radioactive lead-based paint analyzer. That means no more radioactive sources, isotope replacement, or decay over time. Instead, experience new technology that is more accurate, quicker, and more convenient than traditional XRF analyzers.

All our XRF analyzer rentals are backed by our Instant-On Guarantee and come with calibration certificates as well as free online video training and manuals. If you have questions or need help determining the best XRF analyzer for your project, our factory-trained technical staff will be happy to help!

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What does an XRF analyzer do?

The SciAps analyzer replaces isotopes used in traditional XRF analyzers with an x-ray tube, which uses an electric current under high voltage to generate the x-rays needed to measure the lead in paint.

What can an XRF analyzer detect?

Our XRF analyzers can detect lead paint, RCRA, and alloys.

How accurate is XRF analysis? 

The SciAps analyzer is extremely accurate. We guarantee no substrate corrections or inconclusive ranges or tests—even for levels as low as 0.5 mg/cm2.

What type of XRF analyzer do I need?

If you’re unsure about what type of XRF analyzer you need, contact us today and our staff will be happy to help!

How much does it cost to rent a XRF analyzer?

At RAECO Rents, our XRF analyzer rentals start as low as $525 per day. Rent our equipment directly on our website or contact us today for additional help!

Know what you need or have a question about our XRF lead paint analyzers? We’ve got you covered. 

Our factory-trained rental team is standing by, ready to help you with your project. Get in touch today to learn more!