SE International MC1K Analog Radiation Survey Meter

SE International's MC1K is a hand-held radiation detector that identifies the levels of harmful gamma and x-ray radiation. This Geiger counter can detect gamma and x-ray radiation up to 1000 mR/hr over four field-selectable ranges (X1, X10, X100 and X1000). The MC1K will indicate each ionizing radiation event with a red flashing light and a beeping noise. It checks radiation levels in particle accelerators, x-ray shielding and industrial gauges. SE International's MC1K is an analog detector with no internal memory. But, with Observer Serial software and a cable, you log your data directly to a PC.
  • Energy compensated halogen-quenched Geiger-Mueller tube
  • Operating ranges available from 0 to 1000 mR/hr (0 to 10 mSv/hr)
  • Energy sensitivity: gamma and x-rays down to 40 keV
  • 9 V alkaline battery with battery life of 2000 hours
More Information
Manufacturer SE International
Kit Contents

Radiation detector and carrying case. Battery not included.

Weight (lbs) 0.0000
Measuring Range Radiation 0 - 1000 mR/hr, 0 - 10 mSv/hr
Wave Type Gamma,X-Ray
Power Replaceable 9V Alkaline Battery

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