SE International RadiationAlert Inspector EXP Digital Radiation Detector

SE International's RadiationAlert Inspector EXP digital radiation detector is a health and safety instrument used to detect low levels of alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. This Geiger counter has an external pancake probe that can detect radiation using a Geiger-Mueller (GM) tube located in the probe window. The Inspector EXP has a digital display and will instantly alert the user of radiation levels with a red count light and an audible beeping. The detector has built in isotope efficiencies, data collection, sensitivity, backlit display and timing abilities. It is used for gross wipe counting, contamination surveys of packages, regulatory inspections, surveying for NORM* contamination and more.
  • Energy sensitivity Alpha: down to 2 MeV
  • Energy sensitivity Beta: down to 0.16 MeV
  • Energy sensitivity Gamma and X-ray: down to 10 keV
  • External probe allows for versatility
  • Operating range: 0.001 (1 µR) to 100 mR/hr (0 to 350,000 PM)
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • 9 V alkaline battery with 1200 hours of battery life
More Information
Manufacturer SE International
Kit Contents Radiation detector, external pancake probe and cable, and carrying case. Batteries not included.
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxD) 12x8x6
Weight (lbs) 5.0000
Power Replaceable 9V Alkaline Battery
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