SKC Leland Legacy Vacuum Air Sampling Pump

SKC's Leland Legacy provides the high flows and long run times of a vacuum-style air sampling pump in a compact, portable, battery-operated sampler. It has a dual-diaphragm sample pump designed to provide constant airflows from 5 to 15L/min with minimum noise and power. The Leland Legacy can be used for pesticides, cotton dust, radon decay products, and isokinetic sampling, in 24-hour exposure monitoring, indoor air quality studies, environmental sampling, and particulate sampling.
  • Flow range: constant flow 5 to 15 LPM
  • Patented highly accurate isothermal flow control system
  • LCD displays flow rate, volume, temperature, atmospheric pressure, time of day, run time, and pump status
  • Adjustable datalogging interval from 3 seconds to 8 hours with Data Track Software
  • Cal Chek automatic calibration feature
  • 15-hour rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 24-hour usable battery life
More Information
SKU 100-3002K
Manufacturer SKC
Weight (lbs) 0.0000
Internal Memory Up 102 days of data, depending on sample rate
Measuring Range Air Flow 5 - 15 LPM
Power Rechargeable Li-Ion
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