Testo 350 Engine Kit for Combustion System Compliance Testing and Troubleshooting

400563 3513
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The Testo 350 advanced combustion efficiency analyzer makes testing easy, even if you've never used it before. On the digital screen, you pick your application, and the 350 analyzer sets up the dilutions system and measurement parameters you need. You'll have results in just five steps: Choose your application, select a fuel, select a test type, start measuring, and analyze the data.
  • Rental kit comes with sensors for measuring CO, O2, NO, NO2, SO2, and temperature. Ask about adding sensors for CO low, NO low and hydrocarbons.
  • Calculates efficiency, excess air, reduced NOx, and CO2
  • Automatic flow-controlled sampling pump to maintain a constant sample flow
  • Automatic protection for high overrange gas levels
  • Temperature-controlled sensors for for extended testing range
  • Compatible with Testo EasyEmissions software: Included free with every compatible instrument rental
More Information
SKU 400563 3513
Manufacturer Testo
Gas Sensor Type Electrochemical Cell (EC)
Measuring Range Draft and Flow -16" - 16" WC
Measuring Range CO 0 - 10000 PPM
Measuring Range CXHY 100 - 40000 PPM
Measuring Range Methane 100 - 40000 PPM
Measuring Range SO2 0 - 5000 PPM
Measuring Range Propane 100 - 21000 PPM
Measuring Range O2 0 - 25%
Measuring Range NO2 0 - 500 PPM
Measuring Range NO 0 - 4000 PPM
Measuring Range Butane 100 - 18000 PPM
Internal Memory Up to 250000 Values
Power AC Line Power
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxD) 24x20x10
Weight (lbs) 35.000000

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