Tisch Environmental TE-5170V High Volume Total Suspended Particulate Sampler

The Tisch Environmental TE-5170V is a high volume air sampler for total suspended particulate. The TE-5170V uses a volumetric flow controller (VFC) to maintain a constant volumetric flow rate during sampling. It is available with a brushless or brush style motor and your choice of a 7-day mechanical timer or a US EPA recommended digital timer. The TE-5170V is designed to collect total suspended particulate on a standard 8" x 10" piece of glass fiber filter paper. The system has an anodized aluminum outdoor shelter with gabled roof assembly.
  • Flow rate: 39 to 60 cfm continuous
  • Anodized aluminum shelter
  • Blower motor assembly: Two-stage vacuum 0.6 hp
  • Volumetric flow controller with look up table, digital timer, and digital elapsed time indicator
  • Motor Specifications: 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz
  • Meets EPA Code of Federal Regulation, Appendix B to Part 50
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SKU TE-5170V
Manufacturer Tisch
Weight (lbs) 0.0000
Measuring Range Air Flow 39 - 60 CFM
Internal Memory Internal Dickson 24-hour chart recorder
Power AC Line Power
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