Tutorial: GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Get the most out of your GE PT878 portable ultrasonic liquid flow meter. Prepare for your tests by watching these training videos, each focusing on a key function of your testing process, from startup to reporting.

What's in the PT878 portable ultrasonic flow meter kit

This video walks you through the standard components that ship with the PT878 portable ultrasonic flowmeter. Please note, some accessories shown in the video are not included in RAECO Rents' flowmeter kit.

How to unpack and pack the PT878 flowmeter rental kit

In this video, rental specialist Nolan shows you all the parts of RAECO Rent's PT878 rental kit, how it fits in the kit, and how to repack it for shipping.

Calibrating and operating the thickness gauge

To properly program a PT878 for flow measurement, you'll need to input the thickness of your pipe wall. The GE thickness gauge does this for you, but will first need to be calibrated. This video walks you through calibrating the thickness gauge and testing the results, so you know your pipe measurement will be accurate.

How to adjust the PT878 display contrast and backlight

This video explains how to adjust display screen contrast and backlight timer to make the screen easily visible in your current lighting conditions, and set the amount of time backlight is on (to help save battery power).

How to program the PT878 for a clamp-on system

This video walks you through how to program the PT878 for a clamp-on ultrasonic flow metering system. It covers selecting measurement units, programming selections for transducer type and wedge temperature, pipe material, outer diameter (OD), and wall thickness, lining material, fluid type, and path traverses and spacing for clamp-on installations.

How to install ultrasonic transducers onto a pipe

This video explains how to install clamp-on ultrasonic transducers onto a pipe, using the information you programmed into the system based on pipe size and thickness, media type and temperature, and pipe traverses. You'll walk through adjusting the clamping fixtures to the proper spacing, understanding ideal location of the transducer installation on the pipe for best ultrasonic sound propagation. The video also shows proper sensor position on the circumference of the pipe, and identifying the upstream and downstream transducers for wiring to the PT878.

Finally, the video walks you through applying couplant to the transducers, installing the transducers on the clamping fixtures, and securing the hardware properly before connecting the transducer cables.

How to connect and disconnect transducer cables

This video walks you through the proper way to connect and disconnect cables between the GE PT878 and the included ultrasonic transducers. It explains how to use the LEMO and BNC connectors, as well as which cables are used for the upstream (red-label) and downstream (blue-label) ultrasonic sensors.

How to change PT878 display viewing and parameters

The Panametrics PT878 is capable of displaying up to four views simultaneously on the main display screen. This video explains how to select single or multiple display viewing and change the display parameters for each individual view to best suit your application needs.

How to view PT878 diagnostics on one page

After programming the PT878 and connecting the transducers, you'll want to view diagnostics on the signal, signal quality, soundspeed, and amplitude stability before you start taking measurements. Watch this short video for instructions and diagnostic standards.

How to save and access site files on the PT878

After the PT878 meter has been programmed and a measurement taken, you can save the programming of a site to the PT878 flowmeter. This will save you time when you take multiple measurements from the same site over a period of time.

How to start a PT878 meter log

Get the most out of your PT878 portable liquid ultrasonic flowmeter. Prepare for your tests by watching these training videos, each focusing on a key function of your testing process, from startup to reporting.

How to connect a PT878 to your computer

This video walks you through connecting your PT878 flowmeter to a computer using an Infrared-to-USB adapter for communications. It includes loading the infrared device driver, connecting the IrDA device (included in your rental kit), and completing the communication link in the PT878 system. It also shows best practices for placement of the IrDA adapter and your PT878 for data transfer.

How to transfer a PT878 meter log to your computer

Once you've taken measurements with a PT878, and connected an infrared adapter to your PC, you can transfer meter logs from the device to the computer. This quick video walks you through the steps involved in moving the log data to your PC and using GE Panalog Viewer software for analysis and reporting purposes.

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