Intro to Benzene Detection and Monitoring

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Intro to Benzene Detection and Monitoring

Ion Science's Werner Haag introduces our customers to the importance and intricacies of accurate benzene detection and monitoring.  In this 45-minute webinar, he will cover the following:

  • Why benzene detection and monitoring is important
  • Regulations regarding benzene exposure and monitoring
  • Primary applications for benzene detection
  • Best practices for portable benzene detection and monitoring
  • Common measurement problems or concerns
  • How Ion Science products help make benzene detection and measurement easy

Recorded Friday, March 9, 2017 at RAECO Rents

Download the presentation slides [13.0 KB PDF]

About the speaker: Werner Haag, PhD serves as the senior applications chemist at Ion Science USA. He spent 15 years’ studying the environmental fate and treatment of pollutants in air and water, and has 20 years’ experience in the gas detection industry. He is the author of The PID Handbook — Theory and Applications of Direct-Reading Photoionization Detectors. We thank him for taking time to share his knowledge during this exclusive session for our customers.

We welcome Werner back as a webinar speaker and thank him for sharing his expertise with our customers.

Thanks for joining us!

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