Webinar: Intro to Photoionization Detectors (PIDs) for Gas Detection Applications

Tom Kochevar of Honeywell's RAE Systems division helps our customers understand the basics of photoionization detectors in gas detection applications.

In this 55-minute session, he the following topics:

  • What is a photoionization detector? What does it measure?
  • How does a PID differ from the LEL sensor? Why would I use one over the other?
  • Why does the photon energy of a PID lamp matter? Where would I use a 9.8eV, 10.6eV, or 11.7eV lamp?
  • What is a correction factor?
  • How do I determine the reading of a mixture?
  • Q & A session

Recorded Thursday, October 10, 2019 at RAECO Rents

Download the presentation slides [496KB PDF]

About the speaker: Tom Kochevar has been working in the field of gas detection and safety since 1996. He currently serves as Midwest regional sales manager at Honeywell's RAE Systems division, focusing on portable and wireless projects. His 10-state territory includes a variety of markets: manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, and fire and Hazmat industries.

We welcome Tom back as a speaker, and thank him for sharing his knowledge during this exclusive session for our customers.