TSI DustTrak II 8530EP with External Pump for Mass Concentration of Aerosol Particulate

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The TSI DustTrak II 8530 benchtop aerosol mass concentration monitor is the direct replacement for the retired TSI DustTrak 8520. It's a datalogging, light-scattering laser photometer that give you real-time aerosol mass readings of dust, smoke, fumes, and mists. A color touchscreen and graphical interface puts everything at your fingertips. An easy-to-read display shows real-time mass concentration, graphical data, and statistics, as well as instrument pump, laser, and flow status. Using your DustTrak II in a harsh environment or exposing it to changing weather conditions? Don't forget to rent a TSI 8535 field enclosure, outfitted with wireless antennae and modems for communication from the field to your control room.

Compliant with SCAQMD Rule 1466.

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SKU 8530EP
Manufacturer TSI Alnor
Kit Contents

Desktop unit with external pump module, rechargeable 6600mAH Lithium Ion battery, power supply, zero filter, TrakPro software CD, USB computer cables, inlet caps, 10mm Nylon Dorr-Oliver cyclone, impactor kit with PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 impactors, two impactor plates, impactor oil, sheath air HEPA filters, 3-foot sample extension tube, two 37mm cassettes with screen, stylus, filter removal tool, user manual, calibration certificate, and carrying case.

Shipping Dimensions (LxWxD) 20x15x12
Weight (lbs) 26.0000
Internal Memory 5MB onboard memory, >60000 data points, 45 days at 1-minute logging intervals
Power Rechargeable Li-ON Battery
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