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May 26, 2014 1055 Views

A couple weeks ago, I placed an order online. The site suggested that I sign up for UPS MyChoice to be notified the time window my package would be delivered.

The next time I placed an online order, I got another message from UPS MyChoice without having to ask for it. It made me think how valuable a service like this could be to RAECO Rents customers.

The beauty of the notification isn't just in giving me a delivery window, so I knew when to have someone available to sign for the package. My Choice, available on a PC or mobile device, does more than that.

The service offers three key options:

  1. Providing alerts so you know when a package is scheduled to arrive
  2. Giving you the ability to electronically authorize packages for drop-off
  3. An easy way to re-route the delivery to another location

Since so many of RAECO Rents customers are constantly on the go, it seems to me like this would be an invaluable tool. I highly suggest you check it out to help manage your UPS deliveries with minimal effort.

- Matt