Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing Equipment Rentals

IAQ applications range from measuring temperature and ventilation air flow in occupied areas to monitoring dust and particles that workers can inhale in contact with industrial processes where dust, smoke, mist, and fumes are present.

Monitoring indoor air quality can include measurement of temperature, air movement, outdoor air mix, CO, CO2, relative humidity, dust, volatile organic compounds and tracing unknown chemicals for comfort ventilation control, health analysis, and safety studies.

As indoor air quality can have a direct impact on workers' productivity and concentration, building owners, facilities operation staff, and industrial hygienists focus on IAQ measurements to find a balance between ventilation control and energy expenses.




What is IAQ equipment?

Indoor air quality testing equipment provides great insight into indoor air pollution. When combined with adequate ventilation, IAQ testing equipment ensures healthy indoor air at all times. Tracking down complex IAQ issues may require complex investigation techniques to find unknown chemicals that have been introduced to the environment. RAECO Rents has various instruments for even the most difficult investigations we will consult with you to find the best match.


What causes bad indoor air quality?

Inadequate ventilation and indoor sources that release particles or gases into the air can cause poor indoor air quality. Building furnishings can also add to increases in VOC’s. Construction materials and furniture can off gas for a period after purchasing unless it is stated they are manufactured to not do so.


What are the 4 major indoor air pollutants?

The four major indoor air pollutants—as noted by the EPA—include carbon monoxide, radon, excess moisture causing mold, and volatile organic compounds.


How do you test indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality testing equipment can help you determine the amount of pollution in the air. At RAECO Rents, we offer high-quality, reliable indoor air quality monitors to test your indoor air quality. Browse our product rentals to find the IAQ testing equipment you need for your specific application!


What type of IAQ testing equipment do I need?

If you’re unsure about what type of indoor air quality testing equipment you need, contact us today and our staff will be happy to help!


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