Respirable Silica Dust Exposure Sampling Kits

As the OSHA rule for respirable crystalline silica exposure takes effect [OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1153 (d)(2)(v)], customers have asked the RAECO Rents team for help with the proper personal monitoring instruments. So, we've built a series of kits for you, all comprised of components that meet OSHA ID-142; NMAM 7500 analytical method qualifications.

Your decisions are few:

  • Do you prefer to use cassettes or parallel particulate impactor (PPI) samplers?
  • Do you need a pump suitable for low air flow environments or those approved for intrinsic safety?
  • How quickly do you need your tests to run? Most will take a full 8-hour sampling time, but with a high flow kit, you can perform the test in two to six hours.

Please note: While our silica sampling kits include all the instrumentation you need to perform your silica dust exposure tests, cassette sampling media and PPIs are not included. Please contact your preferred lab for media. If you need a lab recommendation, we can help. Just ask us.


Need to learn more about the OSHA silica requirements? Get your free silica guidebook