Heat Stress Monitoring Equipment

TSI QuestTemp heat stress monitors measure and record ambient air temperature, humidity, air flow, and radiant heat from sources like the sun, furnaces, ovens, and boilers. They're designed to provide the data to monitor workplace heat exposures, so workers can take action based on their readings. They quickly help calculate the amount of time a worker can be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Most heat stress monitors including the TSI QuestTemp work by using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature sensing technology which measure the outside temperature of a given area and then calculate a WBGT index value.

It's not just outdoor temperatures that cause heat stress. Indoor environments are subject to extreme heat, too. We often get calls from bakeries and steel mills asking about heat stress monitors for their manufacturing processes. And any warehouse without proper air flow can be subject to above-average extended temperatures.

Heat stress monitors, either area type or wearable personal monitors, can be used for athletic or military training, warehousing, occupational heat stress management, and risk assessment investigations.

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