Your Orders Are Covered by Our Instant-On Guarantee!

Industrial hygienists, safety professionals, and emergency responders use rental services because they're busy people. They don't have time to maintain equipment and calibration or keep track of all the pieces and parts. And with tight budgets, there's not always a technician on hand to fix instrumentation when it's broken.

At RAECO Rents, we remember that instrument service is just that... service. So, we do everything within our power to make sure the instrumentation you rent is in proper working order, and ready to use the minute it arrives at your location.

That being said, we know stuff happens, and sometimes instruments fail. So, here's how we resolve these issues for you.

Guarantee #1

If your equipment doesn't arrive in proper working order, your rental is FREE for as many days as it takes us to get you a working unit. For any days you're inconvenienced, we'll add free time to the end of your rental to make up for your downtime.

So, if we ship you a unit that doesn't work out of the box, and the replacement takes another day to arrive, you won't pay for the two days, and we'll add two free rental days to the end of your contract to make up for any lost time.

Guarantee #2

You won't pay for replacement shipping. We'll pick up the cost of shipping you a working unit or any missing parts.

Guarantee #3

Did your rental arrive late? Sometimes, due to bad weather, issues with the carrier, or circumstances beyond your control, the rental unit gets to you late. If that happens, call and let us know. We'll adjust the rental period to satisfy your requirements, and you won't be charged for the additional time.

Treat yourself to better instrumentation rental service!

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