Gas Detection & Monitoring Equipment

RAECO Rents offers a wide variety of portable and personal gas detection systems: from wearable detectors for toxic gases, volatile organic compounds, combustibles and oxygen deficiency to handheld units for specialized applications like mercury vapor monitoring or leak detection for ozone, refrigerants, or combustible gases.

Use our filters to find the gas type you need to monitor or the gas sensor type you prefer. We have a wide variety of monitors.

This includes:

  • Electrochemical gas monitors, which work by measuring the concentration of certain gases within a circuit that produces different current flows.
  • Infrared gas monitors, which are able to detect different gases by measuring the amount of absorption.
  • Catalytic bead sensors, which measure oxidation rates of combustible gases.
  • Photoionization detectors, which detect gas based on the charge of ionized gas.
  • Flame ionization, gas chromatograph, or FTIR detectors, which detect different gases using an ion-producing flame, collecting the change in ions and measuring the difference.