Respirator Fit Testing Equipment, Machine, & Kit Rentals

RAECO Rents is a leading supplier of rental respirator fit testing equipment. We offer quantitative respirator fit test systems, and our rental respirator fit testing kits are designed to help you evaluate respirator fit, ensure you have proper testing equipment, and accurately evaluate OSHA compliance requirements. We carry testing equipment from recognized manufacturers including OHS and TSI.

At RAECO Rents, we provide free mask adapters at no charge with some standard masks. Our mask adapter kits for PortaCount/OHD fit testing include the appropriate adapters to connect the mask to the Portacount/OHD fit test machine. For PortaCount testing machines, our respirator fit test kits also include P100 filters, additional tubing, a tube cutter, suction cups, and clips to test 25 individuals. We also sell packs of 25 of the consumables to test additional people.

Let us guide you on the best fit testing system based on how many employees you are testing and which mask you're testing. All of our rentals are backed by our Instant-On Guarantee and come with calibration certificates and free online video training and manuals. If you have questions on the best fit testing system for your project, just ask us and one of our factory-trained technical staff will be happy to help you.




Where can I complete respirator testing in my area?

Respirator fit testing does NOT require any special certification, or hiring a fit test company, you just need the equipment to do it. So, the answer is simple: you can get a fit test anywhere and do it yourself. RAECO Rents offers access to high-quality quantitative fit testing systems, training and supporting documentation for performing your own fit testing.


What is required for a respirator fit test?

A fit testing machine is required for a respirator fit test. The size, make, model, and style of respirator that a worker wears for the fit test must be the same one he or she will wear in the workplace.


What is a fit testing machine?

A fit testing machine measures real-time fit while the respirator user performs a series of exercises including breathing, moving and talking. These exercises are designed to simulate the same movements made in the workplace.


Which respirator fit test machine should I use?

We say this: If you’re familiar with a specific brand, use it. Both the TSI Portacount Pro 8030 and the OHD Quantifit are OSHA and NFPA accepted for tight-fitting full-face and half-face respirators. But only the TSI PortaCount Pro+ 8038 is approved for testing N95 disposable masks (plus P1 and P2). So, if you’re testing N95 masks for hospital use, the TSI 8038 is the model you need. The team at Raeco Rents is ready and willing to support you in using whichever model you choose. Plus, we offer free video training on both the TSI and OHD models.


What is a quantitative fit test?

A quantitative fit test assesses respirator fit by numerically measuring leakage into the respirator.


How long does a quantitative fit test take?

A quantitative fit test takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete and is performed at least annually.


What is a qualitative fit test?

A qualitative fit test is a pass or fail test to assess respirator fit based on the individual's response to a test agent.


When should a respirator fit test be performed?

A respirator fit test must be performed before the employee is required to wear the respirator in the workplace. Additionally, they need to be repeated annually—at minimum.


Do all respirators require fit testing?

Respirator fit testing is required for all respirators. The OSHA respiratory protection standard requires respirator fit testing prior to first use, annually, and when there are any changes in respirators or physical characteristics of the user.


Do you need to be certified to do a fit test?

OSHA doesn't require certification to perform fit tests.


How do I set up respirator fit testing equipment for testing?

We offer a variety of online training videos as well as manuals to help you set up your equipment.


How do I perform fit testing for N95 masks?

We have resources for that! Check out our guide here. 


How much does a respirator fit test cost?
Typical charges for a fit test range from $30 to $50.


Are adapters included in the respirator fit testing kits?

Yes, the kits include the appropriate adapter to connect the mask to the fit test machine.


How many individuals can be tested with a respirator fit test kit?

The respirator fit test kits include equipment to test 25 individuals. We also sell packs of 25 of the consumables to test additional people.


Know what you need or have a question about respirator fit testing equipment, machines, or kits? We’ve got you covered.

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