Ultrasonic Air Flow Meter & Liquid Flow Meter Rental

You likely have a fixed system to monitor liquid flow in your facility. How have your pipes been holding up since you first installed your system? Could pipe age or condition affect your flow measurement readings?  How do you verify that your current meters are working correctly?  How do you identify possible leaks? A spot check or flow survey with a portable flow meter may be a simple way to keep your system operating effectively and efficiently.

As a supplier of liquid flow measurement instruments, RAECO Rents offers an ultrasonic flow meter rental from the most recognized manufacturer in the industry, the Baker Hughes Panametrics PT900. Our flow meter rentals are backed by our Instant-On Guarantee and if required, a calibration certificate as well as free online video training and manuals.

We also offer flexible rental options, allowing customers to rent flow meters for short-term projects, long-term installations, or temporary replacements. This flexibility enables our customers to access the equipment they need without committing to a significant upfront investment, making it a cost-effective solution for various applications and budgets.

 If you have questions or need help determining the best flow meter rental for your project, our factory-trained technical staff will be happy to help!


What is an ultrasonic flow meter?

An ultrasonic flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the velocity of a liquid by using ultrasound to calculate the flow rate. It employs ultrasonic transducers to send and receive acoustic signals through the fluid, analyzing the time difference between upstream and downstream signals to determine flow velocity.

Where are ultrasonic flow meters used?

Ultrasonic flow meters are used in various industries and applications where non-intrusive, accurate flow measurement is required. They find common use in water and wastewater management, HVAC systems, energy monitoring, oil and gas production, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

What is a liquid flow meter used for?

A liquid flow meter is used to measure the rate of flow of liquids through pipelines or channels in various industries and applications. It helps monitor and control the volume, velocity, or mass flow rate of liquids such as water, chemicals, fuels, and petroleum products. Liquid flow meters are essential for processes like industrial manufacturing, water treatment, oil and gas production, food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, ensuring accurate measurement and efficient operation.

Are ultrasonic flow meters accurate?

Yes, ultrasonic flow meters are known for their high accuracy in measuring flow rates of liquids +/- 2%.

How much does it cost to rent ultrasonic flow meters?

At RAECO Rents, our ultrasonic flow meter rentals start as low as $325 per day. Rent our equipment directly on our website or contact us today for additional help!

Know what you need or have a question about our ultrasonic flow meter rentals? We’ve got you covered.

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