Respirator Fit Testing

Where can I find a certified fit test company in my area?

Respirator fit testing does NOT require any special certification, you just need the equipment to do it. So, the answer is simple: you can get a fit test anywhere, and do it yourself. RAECO Rents offers access to high-quality quantitative fit testing systems, training and supporting documentation for performing your own fit testing.

What’s the difference between CNC and CNP fit tests?

Ambient Aerosol Nuclei Count (CNC), as implemented by TSI’s PortaCount family, uses laser technology to measure aerosol concentrations inside and outside the respirator without the person having to stand in a test chamber or booth. The challenge agent measured consists of ambient microscopic dusts and aerosol particles that are in the air we breathe every day. The particle concentration outside the respirator is measured against the concentration inside the respirator, and the ratio of those two numbers is the fit factor.

Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP), like the OHD QuantiFit, creates a fixed vacuum on the face piece by temporarily cutting off the breathing air with special adapters. The instrument measures the airflow, or leak rate, needed to maintain the vacuum on the mask. The fit factor is computed by taking an average breathing rate and dividing that number by the measured leak rate. OSHA also requires CNP fit testing to include its REDON protocol. This protocol includes exercises performed facing forward and bending over, shaking the head and two removal and re-donning of the respirator facepiece.

So, which respirator fit test system should I use?

We say this: If you’re familiar with a specific brand, use it. Both the TSI Portacount Pro 8030 and the OHD Quantifit are OSHA and NFPA accepted for tight-fitting respirators. But only the TSI PortaCount Pro+ 8038 is approved for testing N95 disposable masks (plus P1 and P2). So, if you’re testing N95 masks for hospital use, the TSI 8038 is the model you need. The team at Raeco Rents is ready and willing to support you in using whichever model you choose. Plus, we offer free video training on both the TSI and OHD models.

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