Webinar: Introduction to Monitoring Chemical Sterilants

COVID-19 has caused many of our customers to focus more on proper decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization methods. And while chemical vapor sterilization is advantageous because it does not rust, dull, or corrode dry metal instruments, it also introduces the potential for leaks and workplace exposure issues.

So, what's the best way to effectively monitor chemical sterilants to ensure they're working without endangering your employees?

ChemDAQ's Richard Warburton, Ph.D, walks our customers through a case for monitoring low temperature and liquid chemical sterilants, and how real-time measurement of chemical vapors can help you address exposure concerns.

This 60-minute session:

  • Discusses the long-term exposure risks associated with chemicals used for sterilization
  • Recognizes the importance of measuring low temperature and liquid chemical sterilants
  • Explains the challenges related to low temperature sterilization processes and equipment
  • Identifies the regulations and legal requirements for chemical sterilant use
  • Introduce portable monitors that address exposure concerns and prevent future problems
  • Ask the expert: Your questions answered

Recorded Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at RAECO Rents

Download Presentation Slides [4.4MB PDF]

Richard Warburton, Ph.D., ChemDAQ IncAbout the speaker: Richard Warburton, Ph.D., has more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and monitors. He has been inventor or co-inventor on more than 20 patents related to gas sensors and gas detection and has published several articles on gas detection and occupational safety. Dr. Warburton has been actively involved in standards development for the last 15 years with ISA, CSA, and AAMI, with an emphasis on workplace safety from both the technical and legal perspectives.

He holds a doctorate degree in chemistry from the University of Southampton, UK with a focus on electrochemical gas sensors, a JD from Duquesne University’s School of Law, and is a member of the Pennsylvania bar.

We thank Dr. Warburton for sharing his time and his technical and legal expertise with our customers.

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