Webinar: NIOSH Innovative Tools for Occupational Health and Safety

In our latest free webinar on Monday, December 11, Emanuele Cauda, PhD of CDC NIOSH Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies spoke to our customers about resources and tools to help you get the most of real-time testing devices in your occupational health and safety projects.

In this 45-minute webinar, he covered:

  • NIOSH publications, best practices, and guidelines
  • Digital applications, software and interactive tools for monitoring
  • Overview of real-time sensors for monitoring, including those for respirable dust and crystalline silica
  • Combining technologies for performance verification and improved understanding of test results
  • Ask the expert: Your questions answered

Download the slide presentation (4.4 MB PDF)


About the speaker: Emanuele Cauda, PhD is a senior research engineer at the Pittsburgh Mining Research Division of the National Instititute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), where he has spent the last 10 years of his career. His research focuses on monitoring, characterization, and control of aerosols present in occupational environments: specifically dust, silica, and diesel particulate matter. Dr. Cauda also seres as Deputy Director of the NIOSH Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies, where he is actively involved in performance verification of real-time monitors and the use of innovative tools for occupational health and safety.

We welcome Dr. Cauda as a speaker and thank him for sharing his expertise with our customers.

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