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RAECO Rents is a nationwide rental service (US and Canada) for portable environmental testing, industrial health and safety test and measurement instruments. Our instrument kits come complete with everything you'll need to get the job done, and they're backed by a factory-trained staff and our no-hassle service policies and practices.

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Air Sampling and Monitoring

Calibration Tools

Combustion Efficiency and
Emissions Monitoring

Exposure Level Testing

Flow Measurement for
Air and Liquids

Gas Detection and Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

Particulate Monitoring

Perimeter Dust Monitoring

Respirator Fit Testing

Sound Level and Noise Monitoring

Temperature and
Heat Stress Monitoring

Ventilation Testing and Balancing

Visual and
Non-Destructive Testing

Data Management Software

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3M Edge eg4 Personal Noise Dosimeter
3M Edge eg4 Cordless Personal Noise Dosimeter

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Sensidyne GilAir Pump Plus 5L Sampling Pump
Sensidyne Gilian
GilAir Pump Plus 5L Universal Sampling Pump