3M Quest 2200R-10 Type 2 Area Sound Level Survey Meter

3M sound level meters make it easy to obtain the most commonly required noise measurements, such as SPL, Lmin, Lmax, Leq/Lavg, and Peak. The 3M model 2200 integrating sound level meter offers superior noise measurement and analysis with General Purpose Class/Type 2 accuracy.
  • Meets Illinois EPA regulation 910.105 for environmental noise testing
  • 30 to 140 dBA measurement range
  • Fast, slow, peak, and impulse response modes; A, C, and Z weighting modes
  • Selectable 3 and 5 dB exchange rates
  • Kit includes meter, windscreen, 50' cord, calibrator, adapter, and storage case
  • Intrinsically Safe UL Class I, Groups C and D (Temp Code T3)
  • This unit does NOT have datalogging capabilities. If you need datalogging and reporting capabilities, see the 3M SoundExaminer SE-400 series.
More Information
SKU 2200R-10
Manufacturer 3M
Kit Contents

Kit includes: Meter, windscreen, calibrator, adapter, calibration collar, fixed microphone, and storage case.

Shipping Dimensions (LxWxD) 15x12x6
Weight (lbs) 8.000000
Measuring Range Decibels 30 - 140 dBA, 40 - 140 dBC
Frequency Weight A , C , Z
Time Response Fast , Slow , Impulse , Peak
Exchange Rate 3 or 5 dB
Measuring Parameters SPL , Lmax , Lmin , Peak , Leq , Lagv , and elapsed time
Power Rechargeable 9V Alkaline Batteries
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