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August 12, 2014 956 Views

Our business is usually far more reactive than proactive, in that we usually deal with elements that do damage to our systems than those that make us more healthy.

In summer, we talk about heat stress and the effects of high temperatures and humidity on our health. Throughout the year, we discuss noise monitoring, and how excessive exposure to high levels of sound and noise can damage hearing. And for some of our customers, we deal with properly fitting respirators to help keep them safe from inhaling smoke, dust, or airborne particulate that can damage their respiratory systems.

But there are more factors we don't consider on a regular basis, like vibration, which can cause workplace mistakes and, when left un-managed, cause physical injury to employees.

Yet in all of these cases, taking a proactive and preventative approach by performing early monitoring and surveys can help companies reduce risk, injury, and workplace errors.

What gets measured gets managed

If it's not monitored and managed, long-term exposure to vibration can reduce performance, cause physical discomfort, or cause serious illness.  But early detection can allow you to analyze equipment to see where vibration is occurring, plan for necessary worker rest periods, and ultimately improve worker safety by reducing vibration exposure before it becomes a problem.

Whole body vibration is typical in industries where heavy machinery is used, like trucks, steamrollers, and construction machinery. Prolonged whole-body exposure can cause lower back pain, vision problems, and hand-eye coordination problems.  Whole body vibration can be measured in sitting, standing, and recumbent positions.

Hand arm vibration is usually only a problem when users are exposed to long periods of high magnitude vibration, like operating handheld power tools. Measurements are taken using either hand grip or flat palm methods, measuring with the vibrating object being held or pressed against the back of the hand.

Users can be exposed to ground vibration from traffic, or mechanical systems that transmit through the floor.

Svantek SV-106Our partners at Svantek have produced step-by-step instruction sets for using their SV-106 human vibration meter for general vibration testing, ground vibration, hand-arm vibration, and whole body vibration.

Want to learn more? Visit RAECO Rents SV106 human vibration monitor page for access to all of these plus interactive training videos.