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October 5, 2014 671 Views

Before they've used a 3M Edge series personal noise dosimeter with their employees, customers often have a lot of questions. The most common are these:

  • Do I have to calibrate it? How?
  • How do I start and stop the survey?
  • Do we start the unit before employees attach to their clothes or after?
  • How do I know the device is reading, or that I stopped it correctly?

So, our technical team put a quick video together to answer all of these questions.

The short video walks you through basic field calibration, how to navigate the keypad and display screen, the right way to attach and remove the dosimeter, starting and stopping tests, and using the LEDs to verify your dosimeter's operating stage.

You can view the video at RaecoRents.com, and get access to the latest quick-start guides, user manuals, and software.

Note: Though the video was produced using an Edge eg5, the instructions apply to all 3M Edge personal noise dosimeter models.

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