CDPH Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors

The Chicago Department of Public Health published a "Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors" which contains a section on what must be collected during air sampling when it comes to demolitions, renovations, and asbestos abatement. Here is what they say.

“In conjunction with the above PM10 monitoring, air samples shall be collected at all monitored locations for analysis of lead using NIOSH Method 7300, 7302 or 7303; asbestos fibers using NIOSH Method(s) 7400 and/or 7402; silica using NIOSH Method 7500 or 7602; respirable particulates using NIOSH Method 0600, and total dust using NIOSH Method 0500.”

Our friends at SAI Lab have provided the following information which we believe may make your sampling easier while reducing both lab and rental equipment fees.

One can use three (3) air sampling pumps instead of five (5) by utilizing the following sampling strategy; 

  • 0500 total dust and 7300 lead can be the same 5.0 um 37 mm cassette
  • 0600 respirable dust and 7500 silica can be the same 5.0 um 37 mm cassette
  • 7400 Asbestos requires separate 25 mm media