Webinar: Tips for Ensuring Reliable Gas Detection Measurements

In this webinar session, Dave Lucha discussed proven methods to ensure reliable gas detection measurements.

In this session, he covered:

  • What to be aware of in the field to make your measurements go right
  • How ambient conditions can affect measurements
  • Sensor cross-sensitivity: What to know and how to work around
  • Limitations of particular instruments or sensors
  • Gotchas: Where people go wrong and how to avoid the problems
  • Ask the Expert: Your questions answered

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Speaker Dave LuchaAbout the Speaker: With 18 years experience working with the RAE Systems product line, Dave Lucha serves as a member of the Honeywell product application and training specialist team. He's worked in technical support, fielding customer problem calls, and has extensive knowledge of the RAE product line.

We welcome Dave as a speaker, and thank him for sharing his time and expertise with our customers.